Bills and Resolutions for the 2021 General Session


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Our House leader are Representative Rex P. Shipp and Senator Evan J. Vickers, Majority Leader

HB0033Community Correctional Center AmendmentsThis bill addresses the use of community correctional centers.Senate/ to standing committee2021-02-02T14:15:47.000ZSenate Government Operations and Political Subdivisions Committee
HB0034Medical Respite Care Pilot ProgramThis bill requires the Department of Health to apply for a Medicaid waiver or state plan amendment for medical respite care for homeless individuals.Senate/ placed on 2nd Reading Calendar2021-02-03T11:14:46.950ZSenate 2nd Reading Calendar
HB0084Use of Force Reporting RequirementsThis bill requires local law enforcement agencies to collect and submit data on the use of force to the Bureau of Criminal Identification.House/ 2nd reading2021-02-02T11:11:33.370ZHouse 3rd Reading Calendar for House bills
HB0106Adoption Tax CreditThis bill enacts individual income tax credits for adoption expenses.House/ to standing committee2021-01-19T11:39:20.000ZHouse Revenue and Taxation Committee
HB0120Unemployment Insurance AmendmentsThis bill modifies provisions in the Employment Security Act.Senate/ 1st reading (Introduced)2021-02-03T11:12:08.000ZSenate Rules Committee
HB0082Single-family Housing ModificationsThis bill modifies provisions related to single-family housing.House Comm - Held2021-01-29T15:45:25.000ZHouse Business and Labor Committee
HB0036Telehealth Mental Health ProgramThis bill modifies provisions relating to a program for providing telehealth mental health services.Senate/ 1st reading (Introduced)2021-01-20T13:40:55.000ZSenate Rules Committee
HB0068Rental Expenses Disclosure RequirementsThis bill amends an owner�s duties under the Utah Fit Premises Act.House Comm - Held2021-02-03T16:30:10.000ZHouse Business and Labor Committee
HB0092Medical Practice AmendmentsThis bill prohibits a physician or surgeon from performing a transgender procedure on a minor.House/ 1st reading (Introduced)2021-01-19T14:49:35.000ZHouse Rules Committee
HB0125Intergenerational Poverty SolutionThis bill creates the Education Savings Incentive Program.House/ to standing committee2021-02-03T11:57:38.000ZHouse Education Committee
HB0130Mental Health Coverage AmendmentsThis bill amends Insurance Code provisions related to health benefit plans.House/ 1st reading (Introduced)2021-01-19T14:49:35.000ZHouse Rules Committee
HB0146Overdose Prevention SitesThis bill enacts provisions relating to the establishment and operation of an overdose prevention program.House/ received fiscal note from Fiscal Analyst2021-01-20T12:39:10.000ZHouse Rules Committee
HB0143Driver License Suspension AmendmentsThis bill amends provisions related to suspension of an individual's driver license.Senate/ to standing committee2021-02-03T14:10:14.000ZSenate Transportation, Public Utilities, Energy, and Technology Committee
HB0157Price Controls During Emergencies Act AmendmentsThis bill amends the Price Controls During Emergencies Act.House Comm - Not Considered2021-02-03T15:40:00.000ZHouse Business and Labor Committee
HB0207Bail AmendmentsThis bill expands the offenses for which the right to bail is not available.House/ received fiscal note from Fiscal Analyst2021-01-25T10:08:37.000ZHouse Rules Committee
SB0070Mobile Crisis Outreach Team ExpansionThis bill creates additional mobile crisis outreach teams.House Comm - Held2021-02-03T18:27:54.500ZHouse Health and Human Services Committee
SB0111Records of Residential Property Owner Zoning ViolationsThis bill modifies the Government Records Access and Management Act related to protected records.Senate Comm - Not Considered2021-02-01T14:00:00.000ZSenate Government Operations and Political Subdivisions Committee
SB0097Charitable Prescription Drug Recycling Program AmendmentsThis bill modifies the Charitable Prescription Drug Recycling Act.House/ 1st reading (Introduced)2021-02-03T14:07:32.000ZHouse Rules Committee
SB0140Pharmacy Benefit AmendmentsThis bill amends provisions relating to pharmacies that are operated by or contract with a federally qualified health center.Senate/ to standing committee2021-02-01T11:13:07.000ZSenate Health and Human Services Committee
SB0164Utah Housing Affordability AmendmentsThis bill modifies provisions related to affordable housing and the provision of services related to affordable housing.Senate/ 1st reading (Introduced)2021-02-04T11:17:24.000ZSenate Rules Committee
SCR001Concurrent Resolution on Holocaust EducationThis resolution highlights the importance of Holocaust and genocide education and encourages the State Board of Education and local education agencies to emphasize the importance of this course of study.House/ 1st reading (Introduced)2021-02-04T11:11:19.000ZHouse Rules Committee
HB0063Impact Fees AmendmentsThis bill amends provisions related to impact fees.Senate/ to standing committee2021-02-03T14:10:14.000ZSenate Business and Labor Committee
HB0076Firearm Preemption AmendmentsThis bill clarifies that the Legislature has preempted the field of firearm regulation for the state.House/ 1st reading (Introduced)2021-01-19T14:49:34.000ZHouse Rules Committee
HB0212Homeless Youth Protection AmendmentsThis bill modifies provisions related to shelter, care, and services for homeless youth.House/ 2nd reading2021-02-01T11:15:10.767ZHouse 3rd Reading Calendar for House bills
SB0011Retirement Income Tax AmendmentsThis bill creates an individual income tax credit for certain social security benefits and an individual income tax credit for military retirement pay.House/ 1st reading (Introduced)2021-01-21T11:09:39.000ZHouse Rules Committee
SB0027Physician Assistant Act AmendmentsThis bill amends provisions relating to the practice of a physician assistant.Senate/ placed on 2nd Reading Calendar2021-02-03T11:14:46.577ZSenate 2nd Reading Calendar
SB0028Physician Assistant Mental Health Practice AmendmentsThis bill allows a physician assistant to specialize in psychiatric mental health and defines the requirements and scope of practice for this specialization.Senate/ placed on 2nd Reading Calendar2021-02-03T11:14:46.700ZSenate 2nd Reading Calendar
SB0047Mental Health Crisis Intervention CouncilThis bill creates the Mental Health Crisis Intervention Council to establish protocols and standards for the training and functioning of local mental health crisis intervention teams.House/ to standing committee2021-02-01T11:57:51.000ZHouse Health and Human Services Committee
SB0053Behavioral Emergency Services AmendmentsThis bill enacts requirements and provisions relating to behavioral emergency services technicians.House/ 1st reading (Introduced)2021-01-29T11:05:53.000ZHouse Rules Committee
SB0055Rural Online Initiative Sunset AmendmentsThis bill modifies the rural online opportunities program (program) administered by Utah State University. House/ to Senate2021-02-04T11:23:22.313ZSenate President
SB0141Task Force on Food SecurityThis bill creates the Task Force on Food Security.LFA/ fiscal note sent to sponsor2021-01-29T8:16:19.233ZSenate Rules Committee
HB347Homeless Services Amendments This bill modifies provisions related to the oversight and provision of services for
10 individuals experiencing homelessness.
HB0125Intergenerational Poverty Solution This bill creates the Education Savings Incentive Program.
HB0056Intergenerational Mitigation Act This bill amends the Intergenerational Poverty Mitigation Act.
HB0309Intergenerational poverty Work and Self-sufficiency Tax CreditThis bill enacts a state earned income tax credit.