realtorThe Iron County Board of Realtors proudly invites Cedar City businesses to participate in out “Cedar City Cares” campaign. Our goal is to get employers such as yourself, to commit to adopting Iron County Care and Share one month a year by raising $1000. Your entity can help our local Food Bank and Emergency Shelter by encouraging your employees to donate Five Dollars ($5.00) to the campaign. For the cost of a mere cup of coffee or a “value meal,” their donation could make a great difference in the life of another in need in our community. The extent of your company’s obligation is to absorb any shortfall of the $1000 not pledged by the employees.

These monies go directly to Iron County Care and Share (ICCS). As you are aware, ICCS is a valuable resource to help our neighbors most vulnerable. They not only provide food to their clients, but also shelter and other necessities that most of us take for granted.

Have an idea for a Corporate Giving Program? Let us hear all about it!

You may also contact us by telephone Monday through Friday at 435-586-4962.