Why are cash donations important to Care and Share?

We receive federal, state and private grants to assist in funding the services we offer. Most grants are restricted with specific spending guidelines – including population and purpose. Your generous cash donations allow us to place funds directly on needs, serve multiple populations and support our organizational growth. We welcome your donations 24 hours per day, 7 days per week via PayPal.

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Iron County Care and Share is a lifeline for the hungry, the homeless, seniors, the disabled, and families who are an accident or illness away from losing everything. Through its combined programs, Iron County Care and Share reaches over 4,500 unique adults and children living in poverty each year.

Its programs operate independently and at no expense to the city, and they help reduce the burden on our jails, police departments, hospitals and emergency services. In addition, Iron County Care and Share generates several hundred thousand dollars of funds for Cedar City and Iron County every year in the form of grants that are immediately reinvested into services that benefit our community partners – from rental assistance to medical services, bus passes to hotel vouchers.

Its efforts are made possible by our local and state government, and by the many individuals, businesses, and foundations who believe in the work and mission of this organization. This support is critical to Iron County Care and Share with a goal to end chronic homelessness and alleviate extreme poverty in our community.