Iron County Care and Share is a lifeline for the hungry, the homeless, seniors, the disabled, and families who are an accident or illness away from losing everything. Through its combined programs, Iron County Care and Share reaches over 4,500 unique adults and children living in poverty each year.

Its programs operate independently and at no expense to the city, and they help reduce the burden on our jails, police departments, hospitals and emergency services. In addition, Iron County Care and Share generates several hundred thousand dollars of funds for Cedar City and Iron County every year in the form of grants that are immediately reinvested into services that benefit our community partners – from rental assistance to medical services, bus passes to hotel vouchers.Its efforts are made possible by our local and state government, and by the many individuals, businesses, and foundations who believe in the work and mission of this organization. This support is critical to Iron County Care and Share with a goal to end chronic homelessness and alleviate extreme poverty in our community.

One-time or Monthly Recurring Donations

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Family Food Box $50.00
Your donation provides a family in Iron County with a monthly food box. Families shop through our pantry and fill their food box with non-perishable foods, fruits and vegetables, bakery items, and a sweet snack.

Weekly Produce Bag $10.00
Your donation supplies a weekly produce bag for a family in our community. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and other perishables are distributed between monthly box pick-up dates. We strive to provide nutritious food, not just food.

Sack Lunch Program $12.50
Supply a sack lunch for our emergency shelter clients. Clients received a hot breakfast each weekday morning, and are provided a portable sack lunch to keep them fueled during job searching. Your donation will provide a sack lunch for 5 weekdays for one client.

One Night of Shelter $20.00
Your generous donation will cover the expenses of a night in shelter and two meals for a client in need.