Shelter Welcome Kits

A shelter welcome bag is designed to make a new shelter guest feel welcome and at home in our new community. These bags can be filled with little things that allow the shelter guest to feel safe and help them adjust to congregate living.

Some examples of things to put in the bag are:

  • Sock project kits or mini hygiene items 
  • Band-aids and alcohol prep pads
  • Something sweet and/or something salty to snack on 
  • Brushes, combs, hair ties, and/or hair clips 
  • Sandals to use in the shower and/or slippers 
  • Adult coloring books, crossword puzzles, sudoku, etc.
  • Writing utensils and a small notebook 
  • Reusable water bottle 
  • Hat and/or gloves for the cold weather 
  • Tissue packs 
  • Rain ponchos 
  • THE KEY TO THE MAGIC OF THIS PROJECT – include a heartfelt note