Throwdown Rules

Object of The Game: To eliminate all six opponents by forcing them out (see rule 6).

A.All players must fill out a tournament waiver
B.Roster limit is 10, only 6 play at a time. A team consists of six players, but may start with four (4) players. A team must have at least two women and two men on the roster. No more than 4 males on the floor at a time. So if playing with only 1 female, the max total is 5 on the court.
C.Team requirement - There must be at least two women and two men on the court at all times unless resulting from players being put out.
D.In order to receive a forfeit win, a team must have its four players (minimum 1 female) on the floor.
E.All players must wear non marking rubber-soled athletic shoes.
F.Jewelry, chains, rings or earrings may not be worn during dodgeball games. The penalty being declared out.
G.All teams must have matching color jerseys/shirts
II.Roster Changes
A.No roster changes will be allowed after January 25th, 2023.
B.Official roster change must be submitted by the Team Captain and include:
B1. Team name, Names of players, jersey colors, and entrance song
III.Court Markings
A.The officials will inform the team captain about the official lines on a particular court.
IV.Length of Matches, Games, and Timing
A.Each match will be 12 minutes in duration.
B.A games is won by:
B1. Eliminating all six opposing players before time expires or
B2. Having more players remaining on the court than the opponents when time expires. If both teams have an equal amount of players on the court then the game will continue until one team eliminates a player(s) on the other team. The team with more players on the court at that time will be deemed the winner.
C.Championship games are the same length as group matches.
V.Start of play. The Rush
A.Six balls will be lined up along the mid-court line, three on each side of the center hash mark. Players line up behind their own end line
B.On the officials signal players rush the center line and retrieve the balls to either side of the center hash mark. Players must then retire to their side of their own back line.
C.All Players must reach their back line before any member of that team may throw a ball.
D.If a player commits a false start then the rush will be redone with that player not being allowed to rush
VI.Players are declared out for:
A.Being hit below the shoulders by a live ball. A teammate catching a live ball after hitting another teammate DOES NOT result in the thrower being out. Once a player has been hit by a ball they are the ONLY player that can catch the ball to save themselves from being out. If they are able to catch it then rule 7A. still applies.
B.Having their thrown live ball caught by an opposing player before it touches the ground. A trapped ball is not considered a catch.
C.Throwing at players above shoulder height, and hitting an opponent. Squatting, kneeling, or deliberately causing your head to be hit by a thrown ball will not result in the throwing player being out (player hit is out).
D.Retrieving a ball by not leaving and re-entering the court over the end line or retrieving a ball by stepping into the dead zone. (dead zone = out of bounds over the side lines)
E.Stepping over a boundary line or into the dead zone while attempting to avoid being put out. *When an out a player must retire to their respective bench/player return area.*
VII.Returning players:
A.The catching of a live ball results in 1) the person having thrown the ball being out and 2) a player on the catching team returning to play if and only if one or more players on that team had been retired. Players return in the order they were put out.
B.The first person to touch a live ball is the only person who can put a player out by catching it.

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