Volunteer FAQ’s

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When you volunteer, you’re on the team. For the safety and security of all team members and clients please review:

ATTENTION: We are doing everything in our power to comply with all regulations – health department, city, state, and licensure, to provide a safe environment for our team, volunteers and our guests. You will wear a mask at all times, wash your hands frequently, and advise ICCS if you have any exposure before and during your volunteer hours. Your hours are never guaranteed while you are volunteering, and we suggest you have another option to gain hours.

Questions about volunteering? Email info@careandshare-ut.org

A note to those that require proof of hours served: We do not track your hours manually. You must clock-in and out using the User Name and Password sent in your confirmation email. Upon completion of your hours served we will provide confirmation for you. Thank you for choosing Iron County Care and Share for your service hours.

Have a large group that would like to volunteer? The group leader/coordinator completes the Volunteer Application and reviews the  Volunteer PoliciesNon-Disclosure Agreement, Waiver and Publicity Release, and Code of Conduct with all members of the group. In addition, please use the Large Group Volunteer Time Sheet and turn the sheet in when your group begins and ends your project.