Local Homeless Council

Mission of the Iron County Local Homeless Council

Provide housing opportunities to all chronically homeless individuals and veterans, and reduce overall homelessness by 2015 plus reduce recidivism at Iron County jail by 25 percentage points by 2018.

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The Iron County Local Homeless Council is working with the Cedar City Police Department, Iron County Sherriff’s Office, and Iron County Emergency Management to locate unsheltered individuals for emergency evacuation and outreach service purposes. The information will be used for health and safety reporting of unsheltered individuals living in campsites or recreation areas to be located for emergency evacuation.

Utah Balance of State 

Utah Continuum of Care
Utah Balance of State

Coordinated Entry

Coordinated entry, frequently also called coordinated assessment or centralized intake, is a system-wide process designed to efficiently connect people with resources and housing in a way that is easy to access.

An effective system is :person-centered, prioritizes those with the greatest need without precondition, includes all sub-populations and is coordinated such that wherever individuals seeking services enter, they will be able to participate in the same assessment and linkage process where providers use a uniform decision-making approach.

As communities have begun implementation efforts, we have learned that coordinated assessment is not only a best practice for serving consumers and a way to more efficiently use available resources, but also is an excellent tool to shift agency and single-service minded thinking to holistic service provision and overall community need.