CSFP Application

CSFP Application Process

Living on a fixed income can be difficult. Some months you may need to make the choice between paying bills and buying food. The Utah CSFP assists seniors by offering the opportunity to supplement their diets and maintain their health.

Maximum Income Guidelines 130% of Poverty

Household Size Annual Income Monthly Income Weekly Income
1 $16,237 $1,354 $313
2 $21,983 $1,832 $423
3 $27,729 $2,311 $534
4 $33,475 $2,790 $644
5 $39,221 $3,269 $755
6 $44,967 $3,748 $865
7 $50,713 $4,227 $976
8 $56,459 $4,705 $1,086

Each additional member add $479 to monthly income ($5,746 annual income or $111 weekly income).

Participants of the Utah CSFP must:

  • Reside in Utah
  • Be 60 years of age or older
  • Have annual income at or below 130% of federal poverty guidelines

Interested participants must fill out an application and be certified to receive a food box. Certification periods are 6 months, unless altered at Utah Food Bank’s discretion. Every 6 months participants will receive a phone call regarding the simple steps required to re-certify for another 6 months.

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Please forward your completed application to Iron County Care and Share, Attention: CSFP Coordinator


Packages must be picked up each month at your pre-determined delivery site. Please see the Hold and No-Show Policy for complete program requirements. Packages may be distributed through Iron County Care and Share.

Program Policies
  • No-Show Policy: outlines the process required when participants don’t show up to receive their monthly food package.
  • Appeal Procedures: illustrates the process-based regulation that is required for participants to appeal decisions regarding the Utah CSFP.
  • Justice for All Poster: distributed by the U.S.D.A. and lists the civil rights for Utah CSFP participants.
  • CSFP Fact Sheet: provides basic information regarding CSFP, including how it operates and lists the states that currently offer CSFP.
  • U.S.D.A. Food Fact Sheets & Recipes: Find fact sheets regarding the nutritional value of each product in the food package along with recipes for suggested ways to make the most out of the contents.