Volunteer Policies

All ICCS Volunteers must complete an ICCS Volunteer Application, DWS Code of Conduct, a DWS Non-Disclosure Agreement and ICCS Volunteer Policies

  1. Forklift certification and/or food handler’s permit must accompany the application if applicable
  2. Volunteers that are eligible for pantry/food box services must adhere to the following:
    • Pantry items are available during hours of operation only
    • Volunteers may obtain eligible pantry items at the end of their shift and must be checked out by the shift coordinator
    • Volunteers are eligible for items distributed through the pantry only
  3. No pantry items can be taken off shelf or out of fridge and saved for an individual
  4. No items are available for distribution until received, checked into to stock and placed in a valid distribution location in the pantry

Shift Start:

  1. Arrive on-time, dressed appropriately
  2. Sign in on the volunteer time sheet
  3. Wash your hands
  4. If you are ill, please do not report for your shift and notify the Pantry/Warehouse Manager
  5. Report to food bank coordinator for instructions on duties for the day

Volunteer Work Hours

  1. The time you sign in and out is to be the actual time that you reported to work and when you left for the day
  2. Breaks are permitted as need. Please alert the shift coordinator when you are stepping away from your work station.
  3. When you go home for the day please alert the shift coordinator
  4. If you are performing volunteer hours for court or agency requirements: Notify the Pantry/Warehouse Manager, request confirmation of volunteer hours and maintain a copy of your confirmation for your records. ICCS does not keep record of volunteer hours.

Food and Drink

  1. All of the food in the warehouse is to be used for food boxes and pantry customers only
  2. Eating is not permitted in the pantry or in the warehouse

Appropriate Behavior

We at the Iron County Care and Share are here to serve our community with the highest standards, please:

  1. No cussing or inappropriate topics of discussion will be tolerated
  2. Please dress in appropriate attire
  3. No open toed shoes
  4. Cell phones are not permitted in the pantry and should be silenced during your shift
  5. No personal music players are allowed in the facility


  1. No climbing on the shelves in the warehouse for any reason
  2. Do not stand on the pallet jack or carts
  3. Volunteers are not to use the forklift or other equipment unless approved

Any violations of the above may result in the termination of your eligibility for volunteer hours.