In October of 2016, a young couple and their newborn baby found themselves struggling to cover all of their living expenses. Living modestly within their means, the family was tossed off course by an unforeseen work layoff. They were not sure how they would get past the challenges at hand.

As Mom surfed the Internet for jobs and ideas, she saw mention of Iron County Care and Share on Facebook. A community member mentioned their own struggles finding affordable housing, and the inability to make ends meet due to a temporary crisis. Their post was met with a friendly mention of Care and Share and the key words rental assistance.

The next morning the family contacted a case manager at Care and Share and inquired about “help.” Case Manager Lee Larson warmly invited the family in to meet with her and explore assistance options.

During the months of October, November and December the family received assistance with their rent and food from the pantry. A job came through for the father and the family was on their way to self-sustainability.

During one or two case meetings, the couple shared the promise of money from a family trust fund and the intention to pay the assistance back. Lee smiled and appreciated the mention of paying it forward.

The trust fund became available, the family received their funds and on Monday, February 13, called Lee and asked if they should bring in cash or a check. Lee again smiled and said a check would be fine.

Later the same afternoon, the kind young Mom appeared in Lee’s office and proudly handed her a check for a generous amount.

Lee’s smile was accompanied by tears and a new cycle of hope began again. The generous donation will be spent to assist in repairing the transitional apartments Care and Share owns. The apartments make it possible to keep up to eight individuals from homelessness and supports their independent living.

Iron County Care and Share is an emergency shelter, food pantry and provider of numerous supportive services that include daily meals, shower and laundry facilities, assistance with medical needs, rent and utilities. The mission of Iron County Care and Share is to provide compassionate assistance and resources to individuals and families in need, creating opportunities for increased stability and self-sufficiency. If you need assistance, please contact a case manager at (435) 586-5142.

The organization receives federal grants, but in order to assist the broad needs of the community, the private donations from community members provide the means to serve without restrictions.

Donations are welcomed and accepted via the organizations website at or P.O. Box 2241, Cedar City, UT, 84721.