Every member of the Iron County Care and Share team strives to serve with dignity and kindness. Here is a statement from a client that indicates we are fulfilling our mission.

I’m posting this because I am a client of Iron County Care And Share. Many of you know that I struggle with PTSD and because of this I don’t stay in the homeless shelter, but rather in my van with my families cat and my service dog. But I do go to the care and share most evenings at 6 for supper and 3 to 4 times a week to shower. This place is amazing, and the staff is out of this world. What a lot of people don’t realize is that this place is totally operated on donations. And that many people come here to eat, shower, stay a while and get help to help themselves. Its not just a flop house for a bunch of low life’s who chose to be homeless to avoid responsibility. Most of the people who stay there, are either working, because of the help they get there, or actively seeking work. Its part of the program. Out from 8 AM to 5 PM and looking for work. There’s a time limit to be there and expectations. Such as looking for work. Many people who come to eat, are in a home but can’t afford food. They’d go on being hungry if not for the care and share. Like myself for example, though I call my van home. I’m posting this because I’ve had several people tell me about this place in private messages, and comments, but I’ve never seen any really public references to it.

I want people to know how it changes, and betters peoples lives who are really struggling.

I want people to know that they also can help with bettering and changing lives for the better. I want to ask people in this community, who would like to make a change, to consider donating to the Iron County Care And Share. They serve meals every day, so I know they can always use food donations. People shower there so I know they can use towels, hygiene items like soap and deoderant, tooth paste or really anything you need in your every day lives. We all have those same needs. They give bus passes and bus tickets to those seeking work or trying to get home, so I know they can use cash donations. I am posting this because I’ve seen the giving spirit in so many people in this community, and I wanted them to know about Iron County Care And Share, if they didn’t already. I’m there most every night and don’t even know the address or phone number, but I know it comes up on google and I’m sure its in the phone book. If you are looking for a way to help change lives for the better, please consider Iron County Care And Share. Thank you and God bless you and yours.