The Utah Apartment Association reported, on April 6, 2020, tips to assist landlords through these challenging times.

If your renters haven’t paid rent, reach out with a hand of support. Ask if they need help because they have been affected by the health crisis. Try to work with your customer and preserve the relationship. Be pragmatic.

Remember, if property owners and managers pursue immediate evictions without attempting to work with people right now:

  • Will be a huge PR problem and potentially bring down government regulation on the industry
  • Don’t make sense. Delays in courts may take weeks or months
  • When you get a tenant out, are you going to be able to get a new tenant in the middle of a health crisis, or it unemployment in America reaches 20%

Don’t panic. Think long-term. Be kind right now. Be pragmatic. Be professional. It’s no time for irrational emotion.