Rental Realities in Utah: Tips For Landlords

The Utah Apartment Association reported, on April 6, 2020, tips to assist landlords through these challenging times. If your renters haven’t paid rent, reach out with a hand of support. Ask if they need help because they have been affected by the health crisis. Try to work with your customer and preserve the relationship. Be pragmatic. Remember, if property owners and managers pursue immediate evictions without attempting to work with people right now: Will be a huge PR problem and potentially bring down government regulation Continue reading →

Housing and the Investment in our Community

$60,000. $60,000 in rental assistance will be invested into our community by way of the Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) and paid directly to our local property owners between June 2019 and May 2020. Iron County Care and Share applies for and facilitates these funds for Iron County and serves over 100 households with the grant funds. The rental assistance funds are a portion of the grant received, and are strictly used for rental assistance ONLY.  The Housing and Community Development Division (HCDD) provides a lifeline Continue reading →

Pantry Appointments and Schedules

A few reminders and changes to our pantry operations are coming your way… All appointments for pantry (monthly boxes, weekly pantry bags) may be requested online: CLICK HERE Why appointments? We want to serve all of our clients in a timely manner. Appointments let us balance the days appointments, shorten your wait time and restock the shelves with delicious items for you If we have an emergency or need to change the daily schedule – we can notify you immediately through the online appointment system Continue reading →

Nutrition for Children

From our friends at As your children grow, their bodies and nutritional needs change! The rates their bodies are growing change, and this correlates to their hunger and nutritional needs. After about two years old, a slowing down in the rate of physical growth comes with a reduced appetite. Each child is different and needs different amounts of nutrients to keep them healthy. How much they need to eat also depends on their level of physical activity and their metabolic rate. Visit their blog Continue reading →